Xidi Industrial Grade 99.2% Min Na2CO3 Soda Ash Light

  • Molecular Formula: Na2CO3
  • CAS NO.: 497-19-8
  • HS CODE: 28362000
  • Appearance: White Powder
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    Light soda ash: an important chemical for various industries Light soda ash, also known as sodium carbonate, is an important compound used in a wide variety of industries. Its rich applications, accurate quality testing, and high-quality after-sales logistics services make it the first choice of many merchants.

    In the field of product application, soda ash light has a wide range of applications in the glass manufacturing industry. It is a key ingredient in glass production, contributing to its clarity and strength. In addition, it is used as a major buffer and pH regulator in the textile and detergent industries. Its ability to maintain proper pH levels ensures optimum performance of these products. From the product details, light soda ash is usually white crystalline granules or powder. Its chemical formula Na2CO3 means it is composed of sodium, carbon and oxygen. The purity of soda light is a critical factor as it directly affects its effectiveness in various applications. Our company strictly abides by quality inspection measures to ensure the high quality of products.

    Quality inspection plays a vital role in delivering Soda Ash Light of an exceptional standard. Our comprehensive quality control program involves rigorous testing and verification throughout the manufacturing process. This includes monitoring purity levels, checking particle size distributions, and assessing overall chemical composition. These measures ensure that each batch of soda ash light product meets the required specifications and ensures customer satisfaction. In order to provide the best customer experience, we attach great importance to after-sales service. We understand the importance of timely delivery and are committed to meeting customer requirements efficiently. Our logistics team ensures timely shipments and provides customers with real-time tracking information, allowing them to plan efficiently.

    In addition, we offer a comprehensive FAQ section on our website addressing common questions related to after-sales support and soda ash disposal. To sum up, light soda ash is an indispensable compound in various industries. Its applications in glass, textiles and detergents highlight its versatility. With strict quality inspection process and dedicated after-sales logistics service, we ensure that customers get reliable and high-quality soda ash supply.

    Soda Ash Light (6)
    Soda Ash Light (8)(1)
    Soda Ash Light (5)(1)
    Soda Ash Light (1)


    Total alkali content:%  ≥99.2
    Chloride (NaCl):% ≤0.70
    Iron (Fe2O3):%   ≤0.0035
    Sulfate (SO4):% ≤0.03



    Loading Quantity: Loaded from 15mt-21mt with a 20-foot container.

    Soda Ash Light (3)
    Soda Ash Light (4)
    Soda Ash Light (5)

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